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Help Your Mind by Exercising

Sometimes we only consider the physical benefits of working out, and while those benefits are totally relevant, there is a whole host of other benefits for your mind and mental well-being. Exercise is very important when we are anxious or stressed because it reduces stress in our bodies and facilitates happy hormones. Try going for a socially

distanced walk to get fresh air when you can. Should that not be possible, then there are

many exercise classes online now that you can do from home. It is really important to

exercise in some form every day to keep stress and anxiety at bay, especially when we are

confined to our homes or just stressed out in general. Try finding an online class you enjoy or simply put on music and dance around your living room for 30 minutes with your loved ones, or dance even crazier on your own ;).

Now, I believe in backing up what I say with science and evidence, so often on this blog there will be links to reliable sources for information and research about the post's topic.

This link gives some reasons from Psychology Today on the reasons exercise helps with mental health:

In summary, even just a walk will help reduce stress, and I personally love plugging in my headphones and just enjoying some music or meditation while I wander.

Take a deep breath and be kind to yourselves!

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