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Let's Talk Creativity

Creativity is the concept that something subjectively original and valuable can be brought into the world. This doesn’t mean that a person is creative if they can paint or make music only. Creativity can be found in any field such as engineering, architecture, cooking, dance, fitness, even in accounting. Creativity is an inner expression projected onto the world. It is true some people are more creative than others, and that is okay. Not everyone needs to be creative to be happy, but sometimes a boost in creativity can open up an emotional expression that was previously blocked or help to release energy otherwise stuck in our minds.

So, the real question is; how can I boost my creativity? There are a variety of ways to boost creativity and the link I placed at the bottom of this post will take you directly to them. A few I want to highlight though are ones I have personally tried and want to endorse. The first is take a walk… I always preach taking a walk can solve a lot because it allows us to breath and be at peace with ourselves for even just 20 minutes. Another method I really like is to collaborate with others! Sometimes the people around us can inspire us to change our way of thinking and cause us to look at things from a different perspective boosting our capacity for creativity. Finally, and possibly my favorite, is to sleep on it. If I want to solve a problem or be creative in a task, I will think about it before I go to sleep and often allow it into my morning meditation. Using a relaxed state such as sleep, and meditation can really help reduce the tension around a problem and allow the mind to see it more creatively.

In summary, let’s chill out a bit, take a step back and embrace our creative sides!

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