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Rely on Others

Sometimes when we are at our worst, and we feel like there is no one to talk to, or that even if we do have friends to talk to, it would burden them to hear all we are going through we can end up feeling even worse. It can feel like you are bringing them down or always complaining to them and this can make you feel isolated form them AND because we can pull away, they can start to feel isolated from us. Friendships are 2-way streets… you give, and you get, but when there is a road black everything backs up and eventually there is no traffic flow at all.

Now that I am done with the cheesy metaphor let’s discuss a way to change your perspective because relying on friends and family when you are at your worst can be one of the BEST solutions and really help to pull you through a rough time. Next time you hesitate to call a friend or family member to talk to them about what is going on, ask yourself this; “If they were going through the same thing, would I want them to call me so I could help?”. Often time, the answer to that question is YES. We innately love to help the ones we care about because it also makes us feel good. So, allowing those people in your life to be there for you when you need them is also fostering a relationship and giving them an opportunity to help you and feel good for doing so.

To summarize, text that friend or family member and just be honest and say you are having a hard time and need someone to listen. If they are not willing to do that then maybe that is not the relationship you need to rely on right in this moment. If you feel like there is no one to talk to at all, consider finding a counsellor who you are comfortable working with and let them listen to what is going on.

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