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The Benefits of Lists!

Taking a turn away from our usual positive psychological discussions, I wanted to look at how organizational psychology impacts our day to day living, and what are some tips and tricks to making our busy schedules just a little easier to take on. There are definitely some people who know the positive effects of list writing already. There comes a sense of peace when everything that is jumping around in your head is written down and you can visually see what needs to be tackled in a day, week or even a month. That first benefit of list making provides clarity and perspective. The second and even more useful part of a list is being able to then prioritize the things that seriously need to be done and the things that can wait a day or two. This allows for better time management and resource use.

The final benefit of list making I want to discuss, and my personal favorite part, is CROSSING OFF THE COMPLETED ITEMS ON THE LIST! This can be one of the best feelings as it gives a tangible sense of accomplishment where there otherwise not have been one. Research shows that this increases a sense of self-worth and the entire process increases efficiency, productivity and mental clarity! Those are some major bonuses.

I always like to add my own flair, so my lists are always handwritten in my own chicken scratch on cute notepads with very aggressive cross outs when I complete a task. Exploring with different ways of making your own lists is important to find the right method to bring the most joy to you. So, my challenge to you is just try one to do list for a day and see how it helps. Take note of what benefits it brings or if you found draw backs. My posts are never meant to be taken as gospel, just as suggestions.

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